The Science of Sound

Second grade students are learning about sounds in science. These students in Mrs. McDonald's room created various instruments that made many creative sounds! Super learners!

McDonalds sound science


We Got Mail!

2nd grade students with their autographed letters from favorite Disney characters. The students have been practicing letter writing and wrote to their favorite character at Disney World. The class also received a letter from Mickey Mouse himself!

Disney letter 1

W.P.S. School Improvement Plan

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School Vision and mission


Whiteville Primary School utilizes a challenging, rigorous, and relevant curriculum in its instruction to meet the needs of ALL LEARNERS!





Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. 

First Grade students in Ms. Fullwood's class wearing their MLK jr. fact crowns and learning about Dr. King and why we have a whole day to celebrate him. 


Fullwoods MLK



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