Immunization Requirements

Important Information for Parents of Kindergarten Students

Children who start kindergarten on or after July 1, 2015 will be required to have additional vaccines to

protect them from serious diseases. Kindergartners will now be required to have two doses of varicella

(chickenpox) vaccine if they do not have a history of disease documented by a health care provider and

the 4th dose of polio vaccine must be given after 4 years of age and before entering school for the first


Thanks to the success of vaccines we don't see these diseases very often; however they do still exist and

can cause serious illness, disabilities and even death. Don't let your child go unprotected. Vaccines are

safe and effective. The most common side effects are pain and swelling at the site where the shot was

given. Some people may experience a headache and fever. Serious reactions to vaccines are very rare.

Talk with your child's health care provider or the local health department about vaccines they may need

to be protected and for school entry. This is a great chance to get your child to the doctor for a yearly

health care visit.

Your child will have to provide proof of vaccination on the first day of school. Please remember to bring

your child's shot record for school entry. You can get your child's shot record from his/her doctor or the

local health department.

To learn more about these vaccines and the diseases they prevent visit the Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention website at or the North Carolina Immunization Branch website at