Student Links


Reading Horizons -

·       Scholastic Learn from Home -

·       Switcheroo Zoo(watch, listen and play games to learn about animals) –

·       Fun Brain (play games while practicing math and reading skills) –

·       Highlights for Kids (read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments) –

·       Storyline Online (have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars) –

·       Nat Geo for Kids (learn about geography and fascinating animals) –

·       Into the Book (go “into the book ” to play games that practice reading strategies) -

·       Star Fall (Practice your phonics skills with these read-along stories) –

·       ABC Ya practice math and reading skills all while playing fun games) –

·       Please use these websites for some fun physical activity while you are at home. Also, remember to eat healthy, drink water, and stay active! (Dancing, games, exercises) (Yoga)

·       Musical activities will be housed on Mrs. Fletcher's teacher website:  Access and ideas can be found here:  under Lessons and Notes.

·       PreK – Things to explore on Youtube – Letterland, Jack Hartmann, Dr. Jean and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse